Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Among Trolleys and Men.

I recently came across a thought experiment that revolves around ethics.

Behold, The Trolley Problem:

A trolley is running uncontrollably down a track. You can't stop it. On the track, at a distance, 5 people are tied down. There is no way you can free them. But there is a switch that, when you pull it, changes the track of the trolley away from the 5 people. But tied on the other track is another person. The question: Do you pull the switch because the loss of one life is better than five?

In other news, I am absolutely in love with this song.

The lyrics are terrible and the intro seems clich├ęd, yet I'm listening to it.

Music will always be the biggest enigma x_x.


  1. I was thinking of reasonable answers to the Trolley Problem but then a sudden image of 5 men wearing trolleys as roller skates popped into my mind and then I got de-tracked.

  2. Oh we did this in class! Ethical decision making. Though they put it in a much less strenuous situation and asked if we'd think it okay to break traffic rules if we're saving a dying child.