Sunday, 7 November 2010

Earth Easter Eggs.

Since I have this obsession of discovering and exploring small island cities around the globe, I thought it would be a cool idea to open up Google Earth and do some spying of my own.

First off, we have a small piece of land, shaped somewhat like a cowboy boot, south-east of Japan and north of Papua New Guinea, called Guam. The aerial view looks pretty amazing:

I wonder what the people are like there, and if there are people that have their names starting with a question mark. 


Next, we have Fiji, a remote island north-north-east of New Zealand. Talk about being in the extreme east. 

Primo: Hi. Where are you from?
Secondo: Germany. You?
Primo: Fiji.
Secondo: Where on Earth is that?!
Primo: North-east of New Zealand!
Secondo: Sweet grandmother's spatula! I thought New Zealand was the edge of the world?!
Primo: :D!

Also, the trains there look like this:



Finally, we have the Pitcairn Islands. Located in the very middle of the Pacific Ocean, this place is so remote I'd be surprised if this place was shown in an ordinary world map. Also, with a population of just 50, it is the land with the least number of inhabitants on earth. How awesome is that?

Teacher: How many friends do you have?
Student: I know every single person on this country personally! :D

Location of the place on Google Earth:

And zooming in the only place of multiple housing I could find was this:

This is just epic win. These people are winners for living in a place like this. Where do they get the food? Do they go to school? Do they even know what internet is? Have they ever played Call of Duty? And if so, can they beat me in it? We will never know.

And are there even any animals there? 
Speaking of animals. I recently came across a caterpillar, and being the sick, twisted failure of a nature lover that I am, I picked it up to examine it closely when its toxic hair stung the shit out of me. And since the strands of hair get stuck to your skin when you're stung, the only way to get them off is by scotch tape, which multiplies the pain. It hurts bad folks, real bad.

Thank you for joining me in my advanced stalking of remote villages.

Until then, cheers!


  1. This post is so Circle of Life-y.

    *flutters like a swan*

  2. Weeeeeee, I dunno why, but this post's fun...Super-fun. :D :D :D

    *reads again*